Tom Cruise bulks up


Tom Cruise is bulking up for his new movie role, according to reports.

The Hollywood star is expected to add some pounds to his frame to play pilot-turned-CIA agent Barry Seal in the upcoming thriller.

“He is determined to do whatever it takes to pull it off,” a source said to the Daily Star.

Seal, who smuggled drugs and guns for Colombian gangsters before becoming a spy, was known as ‘Fat Man’ by his CIA handlers and supposed cartel allies. He was murdered by the Medellin cartel in February 1986.

A senior executive at Universal Pictures, which is producing the film, added: “He’s determined to become Barry Seal. Tom believes it’s the only way he can do justice to an incredible script and he has been meeting director Doug Liman to discuss how he intends to play him.”

Tom, 52, wore a fat suit to portray movie mogul Les Grossman in comedy Tropic Thunder, but wants his performance of Seal to be realistic.

Dennis Hopper previously played Seal in the 1991 HBO TV drama, Double Crossed.