Robin Williams' final movie set for August release


Absolutely Anything is the new comedy from Lionsgate starring Simon Pegg and with Robin Williams as the voice of a dog called Dennis.

The premise of the movie is that Neil (Simon Pegg) is given the power to do absolutely anything he wishes, a la Bruce Almighty, by a load of aliens. If he does good, hooray, but if he does bad things Earth will be obliterated.

Watch the movie trailer below.

It’s the last time Robin Williams fans will see – or hear – the actor in anything new as it was his last project before his death last year.

Simon Pegg told Variety his thoughts on the late actor: ‘I think about him a lot because he’s someone that we all believed was this force of happiness and it just goes to show how indiscriminate depression is that when supposedly we have it all and are capable of such joyous behavior, it still is not good enough.’

The film hits cinemas August 14.