Jessica Chastain: "Older actresses forgotten"

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain has said she does think actresses get overlooked by Hollywood as they get older.

The 37-year-old Oscar-nominated star - who plays an ambitious wife in new movie A Most Violent Year - was responding to Russell Crowe's recent comments that older actresses should act their age, and not always want to play the ingenue.

Jessica said: "I think there are actresses like Kathy Bates, Sissy Spacek, Geena Davies, Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lange, it goes on and on and on, incredible actresses that I really miss seeing in movies.

"And these are women who aren't trying to play ingenues, they're actually incredible actresses, very comfortable in their skin and I can't wait to be working in an industry that has more roles available to them."

The Interstellar star also insisted she was not feeling snubbed by the Oscars after she failed to be nominated this year for her performance in A Most Violent Year.

Jessica said: "Not at all, not at all. This is one of the best reviewed films in the United States, it's doing really well here.

"Interstellar got nominated for five Oscars, I got nominated for a Golden Globe and Critics Choice so I have a lot to be really thankful for."

A Most Violent Year is in cinemas now.