Grimsby movie flops at UK box office

Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron's new comedy movie Grimsby has failed to  take the US box office by storm. The film, which features Baron-Cohen playing a football hooligan from Grimsby, pulled in just $1.2m in N. America last week and $7.1m in other territories - resulting in a worldwide gross of $8.3m (£5.3m).

The movie reportedly had a budget of around £25m. The movie took £1.93m in its opening weekend in the UK and it was hoped that US figures would be substantially higher.

The movie is now the worst performing of all Sacha Baron Cohen's comedy. The Dictator grossed £4.9m in its opening weekend while 2009 fashion satire Bruno took £5m. Borat, released in 2006, took in £6.25m.

Critics described Grimsby as 'a flaccid comedy.'

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